This location is closed as of October 31 2022. Please contact us at with any questions or for catering or other vegan food prep needs! Thank you friends!

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A Note From The Owner


We have reopened as a 100% vegan restaurant! We are super excited about this change and hope y’all are too even if you’re not vegan 🙂

When we opened in January 2018 we were one of the few places around Lawrence that has more than one or two token vegan items on the menu, and boy did we get a response of appreciation from the vegans in the community! Since then we’ve greatly expanded our menu and have learned alot about vegan cuisine and also in the meantime the owner of the place became a vegan herself! Our mission now: Serve totally amazing vegan food and convert as many hearts and taste buds as we can!!!!

YOU SHOULD ALSO KNOW that we had to make the difficult decision to abandon our gluten-free standard! We want to thank all of the gluten sensitive customers who came and enjoyed our cuisine while we had the dedicated gluten free kitchen that allowed for worry-free eating. We especially enjoyed serving kids who otherwise had no other restaurants that they could eat out safely. Please know that those memories will remain precious to us and that we will continue to try and accommodate sensitive eaters as well as we can!

Please stay tuned to see what these changes will mean in our menu and drink offerings. We look forward to serving the Lawrence community.